Meet hot wife Desirae Spencer


Hot wife Desirae Spencer is 37 years-old, 5′ 8″ tall and her measurements are 34C-25-34. Hotwife Desirae has the most amazing ass and fantastic legs and for those of you who like stockings, you will not be disappointed. She is always in hot looking nylons, thigh highs and panty-hose and usually a great pair of heels which she always seems to wear during sex.

Hotwife Desirae Spencer has her own website that she runs with her husband. The whole idea of the site is based around roleplay and trying out different things including hot wife themes.

It all started 11 years ago when hot wife Desirae met her loving husband. Hotwife Desirae Spencer considers them the perfect match (both in real life and sexual life) and their coming together sparked a whole new realm of sexual exploration. This hot wife couple started openly sharing their thoughts and fantasies with eachother, acting out fantasies, dirty talking and roleplay and both became so overwhelmed and stimulated by this new chapter in their sex lives that they decided to start their own amateur website featuring hot wife Desirae.

Hotwife Desirae considers herself very informed on human sexuality. She is constantly reading books on sexual exploration and seeing how far she can go during her playtime with her husband. Desirae makes intense homemade porn together with her husband. Hot wife Desirae goes from acting out her bisexual fantasies, partner swapping, to anal sex, spanking and bondage. Desirae absolutely loves to talk dirty and calls herself ‘Your Dirty Talking Wife Next Door’ and Desirae completely gets off on performing in front of the whole world. Hot wife Desirae is a multi-orgasmic slut! 3 orgasms per sexual encounter is not unusual for her, and hot wife Desirae makes a lot of noise whilst cumming.

Hot wife Desirae Spencer’s favorite sexual position is doggystyle and Desirae loves also anal sex.


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Meet hot wife Brandi Love


Hot wife Brandi Love shows off naked in a swingersclub

Today you’ll meet hot wife Brandi Love, originally from Detroit, Michigan but living in Washington DC. Hotwife Brandi Love is 40 years old and her measurements are 34/ 26/ 34, her height is 5′7″ and she has brownish/ green eyes and blond hair.

Hot wife Brandi Love met her husband Michael in college where he was a bouncer and she was a bartender. It was love at first site! Hot wife Brandi is married to her hubby since about 20 years. Their marriage and lifestyle is just amazing as her life and marriage is full of adventure and spirit.


Hot wife Brandi Love got in the hotwife lifestyle 13 years ago when she and her husband went to Cancun, Mexico about a year after their daughter was born. They had been told by another couple that they just had to get the sensual massages that the hotel offered. When the masseuses came to their room it was a man and a woman and they set up their tables.  They told them to undress and get on the tables.  Hot wife Brandi Love and Michael were about 5 feet apart so they could see each other. Antonio, Brandi’s masseuse, started to get a bit personal 15 or so minutes into the massage. His hands were disappearing between her thighs. Hot wife Brandi Love would wiggle away just to have him do it again! Brandi looked over at Michael to see if he was freaking out. He had a hard on and was just smiling away! Brandi thought he was going to kill the dude but instead he was turned on. After they left Brandi and her husband talked about what had just happened and they decided to explore this adventure a bit more and slowly but surely they began to play in the swinging community.

Hot wife Brandi Love her husband enjoys watching his wife with other men and he loves to have sex with his wife after his wife was with someone else!

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Meet hot wife Christina Noir


Hot wife Christina Noir shows off in sexy black lingerie

This is hot wife Christina Noir. Christina is originally from the state of Oregon, U.S.A. but moved on to California.

Hotwife Christina Noir is 5′7″, her measurements are 34C-D, 27, 35, her eyes are caramel brown and her hair is reddish-brown but she’s sometimes blond.

Hot wife Christina Noir is a sexy, slutty, horny, insatiable, crazy, tight (both pussy and body), hottie who LOVES cock and fucks like a machine and, while she can’t deny any of those descriptions, she’s also very out-going, fun-loving, laid-back, down-to-earth, compassionate, caring, wild, very much a dare-devil, somewhat goofy at times cause she loves to have fun, organized, intelligent, and serious (when it comes to things she’s passionate about like the environment, animals, kids, and money).

Christine Noir met her husband when she was working out, getting nice and sweaty, in a gym at a computer software company where they both worked and her hubby just  walked in. He immediately caught her eye because he was wearing those skin tight shorts that stretched nicely over his generous package and they admired eachother from across the room. He pretended to be focused on what he was there to do so, after a few minutes, Christina went over and asked him if he needed a spot lifting (she had to find a way to introduce herself and get closer to him). They ended up working out together and meeting later that afternoon for a coffee break. While they were sitting across from eachother in the cafeteria, he asked her what she was thinking, and she told him she was wondering what it would be like to kiss him. She got up, leaned forward so he could get a good eyeful of her cleavage, and she kissed him. From that moment, the sparks that had flown earlier ignited into a full-fledge fire!

They spent the rest of their employment at that company finding any all vacant conference rooms or offices where they’d meet to fuck several times throughout the day – all on company time! Hot wife Christina Noir was thrilled when she finally found someone as nasty as she was.

Today, hot wife Christina Noir and her husband have been married for 15 years and they are great partners and best friends who are open with eachother and sharing with other people. They both like to laugh and they enjoy the finer things in life. They spend a lot of time between two houses, with friends, and sometimes strangers, doing the things they both like to do.

Before they married, hot wife Christina Noir told her husband that it was one of the requirements of them getting married and moving forward in life together that she wanted to fuck other guys. Hot wife Christina Noir told her husband she really loved him but just had to have more sex than one man can provide and that if he didn’t like it, then she couldn’t be married to him. Hotwife Christina couldn’t believe it when his eyes lit up and he agreed, but only as long as he could watch. And the watching part is one of the things that turns her on the most! Isn’t this the perfect arrangement?

Hotwife Christina Noir did get into the hotwife lifestyle herself as she always was a slut when she met her husband and after discussing their feelings about things this hot wife couple naturally progressed into the swinger lifestyle with hot wife Christina mostly into meeting other people because of her insatiable appetite for sex.

Hot wife Christina Noir wants her lovers to be taller than herself, dark, handsome and rugged-looking. Hot wife Christina loves muscles and she’s very much into black males. Black men really seem to know how to fuck a white slut. Also, the contrast between their chocolate cocks sinking deep into her milky white cunt really gets her going!


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Meet hot wife Janet Mason


Hot wife Janet Mason shows her big boobs in a black bra

This stunning MILF is hot wife Janet Mason. Hot wife Janet Mason was born April 8, 1967, she has blue eyes, red coloured hair, her height is 5 feet, 3 inches and her measurements are 32DD-23-35. Hotwife Janet Mason is very adventurous and fun-loving but not frivolous, nurturing and loving, and … extremely loyal to those she loves.

Janet met her husband Steve in college where he was in grad school and she was an undergrad.

Hot wife Janet Mason did get into the hotwife lifestyle somewhere in 1995 via her husband as he got into it first (let’s say hot man lifestyle – lol). When her hubby was just 19, he was approached by an older couple in their late 30’s that he was friends with to be the “extra man” for 3somes for that woman, whom her hubby found to be extremely attractive – but mostly that hubby just liked to watch his wife fucking younger guys and really hung black men rather than joining in. Over time they introduced him to other, usually much older, couples in the lifestyle – and soon he was introducing his own girlfriends to it. He soon found that he enjoyed “watching” as much as he did participating – especially the interracial stuff, as it was even more taboo. Steve was very open about his experiences with Janet and the whole idea of it turned her on right away. It was just so taboo to be married and dedicated to her husband and yet to be “shared” by him with other men – especially well-hung black men.  Hot wife Janet and Steve talked about trying it themselves but decided to wait until they had started a family first, as they both wanted to have kids.

Once their firstborn started kindergarten, they put an ad in a local swingers magazine (this was long before the internet was popular) and bang! Right away they had great first contact with a well-endowed black stud about their age. Fortunately that first time went well, because if it hadn’t they might not have continued trying. Needless to say, hot wife Janet Mason and her husband were both “hooked” and got into it so deeply that they eventually started making videos for sale, which in turn led to her website.

Hot wife Janet Mason likes most about being a hotwife to get in touch with all the huge cocks her husband finds for her and the thought to get all that sperm from so many men! And also to get spoiled and pampered by her hubby Steve as it makes Janet feel very feminine and adored. She get really the best of both worlds – the stability of a loving traditional relationship with a husband and kids, plus the uninhibited sexual freedom and exploration that is always available whenever they want it.


Hot wife Janet Mason upskirt to show off her nice ass

Hot wife Janet Mason is a real exhibitionist but she like being a lady in public and around her home area, and then let her wild side out when the time and place are right, like in nightclubs or in the bedroom.

Hotwife Janet Mason is always looking for no-strings-attached sexual partners and for purely physical sex she prefers muscular or slim black men with huge cocks, dark skin and very lean bodies who are also very verbal and aggressive bedside manner, have lots of imagination in the sack and the stamina to fuck her very, very hard for a long time. The other kink of hot wife Janet Mason is for younger men – and by “younger men” she means guys who are at least 10-12 or years younger than she is, and usually more than that. Her favorite is the 18-25 age range as hot wife Janet Mason likes “teaching” and that age range is good for that. Plus, in general, guys that age can always, without fail or need of “assistance” get hard as stone, recuperate in no time, fuck for hours and shoot cum like firehoses. What more could a devoted “teacher”


Hot wife Janet Mason shows off in a pink top and blue skirt before she strips it off

Hot wife Janet Mason loves getting dolled up in dresses and skirts but for work she always wears business suits.

Her favorite sexual acts are jacking guys off and sucking cock and she also loves a face full of cum, a big load in her cunt, having her butthole licked and sucked until she cums and… being fucked REALLY hard for a long time by a big cock. Her main fetish is giving handjobs and watching the cum squirt out – especially onto her face and hot wife Janet Mason likes having her feet worshipped by men with foot fetishes and giving them foot-jobs.

The kinkiest she has ever done is fucking three well-hung black studs right in her marriage bed while husband Steve jacked off and encouraged her and jacking/sucking 10 guys off to 15 loads all over her face.

And hot wife Janet Mason has also bisexual tendencies as she likes hard-bodied and physically fit yet still feminine types mostly, and she also likes older, elegant women in their late 40’s to late 50’s or so and also gorgeous black women like Angela Bassett and Janet Jackson!

Hot wife Janet Mason and hubby Steve pick up her sexual partners via their website. Back in the days before the internet was hot and before they started their site, they used ads in printed, local swingers magazines.

Hot wife Janet Mason has also fantasies: to bukkake/group facials with groups of 10 or more men at once, and to have sex with a gorgeous black woman!


Hot wife Janet Mason shows off her naked body outdoors

Enjoy the pictures from the galleries and soon there will be more hot wife Janet Mason on this blog!

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Meet hot wife Talia a.k.a. Cute Latina


This is hot wife Talia a.k.a. Cute Latina. Hotwife Talia is native from Santiago, Chile but she moved to Montreal, Canada when she was just 11. Hot wife Talia is 33 years old, but the pictures in this first post were made in 2005 when she was just 25-years-old.

Hot wife Talia is a small Latina as she’s just 5 feet but her boobs are 34C! Hotwife Talia has brown eyes and brown hair.


Hot wife Talia met her husband when he was a waiter at a restaurant she had lunch at with her aunt and she gave him her number while hot wife Talia was in the bathroom without her knowing. Her aunt did this because she said he was cute during lunch!

Hot wife Talia did get into the hotwife lifestyle when she was only 20-years-old as she had lesbian sex for a little while, experimenting with her sexuality and dating a great girl. When they broke up she had just started her amateur website and hot wife Angie got her into it. The good thing about being a hot wife is that she now can separate Love and Sex and hot wife Talia can have fun! She had over 40 lovers so far.



Hot wife Talia’s kinkiest things she has tried are S&M with her girlfriend Seska and public sex in a park once. And her hubby let her do the things she wants to do but he’s not into swinging much.



Besides being a hot wife she’s also a housewife as hotwife Talia loves doing all the household chores. Enjoy the pictures of this Latina hot wife!

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Meet hot wife Rio


Meet hot wife Rio in a hotel room

This is hot wife Rio… Hotwife Rio is a completely scorching housewife, absolutely beautiful with an amazing body. Hot wife Rio has the looks of someone innocent and shy, but… hot wife Rio is a REAL hot wife as she’s a true nympho who loves sex.


Hot wife Rio shows off in a sexy mini dress and silk stockings

The speciality of hot wife Rio is sucking on big dicks and Rio really loves the taste of cum. Hotwife Rio got quite a sexy clothes fetish too and she loves to wear beautiful and sexy things like tiny bikinis, (silk) stockings, mini skirts, mini panties, leather wear, high heels, and pretty pantyhose.



Hot wife Rio shows off in sext black lingerie and black stockings

And hot wife Rio has her own amateur website! Rio and her husband Tommy sharing all their sexual adventures on the internet!


Hot wife Rio shows her sexy curves in sexy black lingerie

Watch the galleries and soon you will see much more of hot wife Rio!

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Meet hot wife Emma Starr a.k.a. Mrs. Starr from Emma’s Wild World


Hot wife Emma Starr shows off her naked boobs and shaved pussy

This elegant and tall married woman with an amazing presence is hot wife Emma Starr. Blue eyes blonde hot wife Emma lives in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. and her measurements are: 34D-24-34 and her height is 5′9″. Hot wife Emma Starr is very outgoing and loves to have fun, enjoys life and is always ready for a good time!

Believe it or not but hot wife Emma is a real attorney! Hot wife Emma got into the hotwife lifestyle via her husband. Emma has always been extremely sexual and her hubby just knew what she likes! Hot wife Emma is also a big fan of gangbangs and she has been fucked by 20 men on a gangbang!

And her husband enjoys watching his hot wife with other men and Emma enjoys him watching her as it gets her off. And her husband likes to have sex with his hot wife just after she has been with someone else! He loves to see her pussy open up wide and to see that it has been fucked so hard and so well while he is watching, it makes his cock so fucking hard he will fuck her all night long….let her sleep for an hour and roll her over…another hour and then make his hot wife sit on his cock…another hour and anything goes.

Emma Starr’s favorite sexual act is getting fucked. She loves to have her pussy filled, and… once she get started, she wants more and more and more!

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Meet hot wife Jenny Seemore


Hot wife Jenny Seemore

This is hot wife Jenny Seemore. Blonde hot wife Jenny Seemore is 46 years old and lives in the South of Tampa, Florida, U.S.A.  Jenny’s measurements are 36-32-33, her height is 5′3″ and she has brown eyes.  Hot wife Jenny did get into the hotwife lifestyle thru her husband Walt as he actually likes women who screw around. And that was the perfect match for hot wife Jenny and ever since she got married she does what she does best: hot wife Jenny Seemore fucks as many men as possible!

Sure, hot wife Jenny is a nymphomaniac by nature. When she doesn’t get fucked she gets grouchy and develops headaches. For hot wife Jenny Seemore the hot wife life style is absolutely perfect as she can fuck and suck as many guys as she wants to and her hubby loves it. This is certainly a damn lucky hot wife! And in fact she always was a hot wife, even in high school. Hot wife Jenny Seemore was known as the school slut. She started fucking when she was 13 and was probably the easiest lay in her town back then. And believe it or not: hot wife Jenny Seemore had over 3000 lovers! Yes: that is THREE THOUSAND! And hot wife Jenny once was in a club in Germany with 64 guys and she got fucked 34 times and swallowed cum until they dropped!

Hot wife Jenny’s husband always says no matter what she wears, she always looks like a whore! Her all time favored outfit is a skirt or long tube top made of stretch fabric or spandex and hot wife Jenny Seemore wears these like dresses, no panties & bra, of course! If these clothes have the right size they cover hot wife Jenny’s boobs and come down right over her butt. And with these she’s fully dressed but can change to “butt naked” within 1 second by pulling her boobs out and rolling it up and these are perfect for flashing in cafes or for quickies in the restroom! Hot wife Jenny Seemore gets lots of attention wearing these.

Hot wife Jenny Seemore’s favourite sexual act is the plain old missionary style fucking and if it’s a line up fuck with her laying spread eagle and 10 guys lining up in front of her, waiting for their turn, she’s in heaven! And her husband loves it to fuck his hot wife after another man has left a load in her cunt or her ass. And this hot wife couple has basically tried everything: cum play, fucking strangers, big dildos, pissing, assfucking, gangbang, interracial, flashing, cuck play, breeding, etc…
Hot wife Jenny’s husband is the steady part in their relationship. It is very important for a slut to have a certain amount of safety and stability in her life. They doesn’t have a classical cuck/hot wife relationship but they do cuck role play.

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Meet hot wife Angie


Hot wife Angie shows off her shaved cunt

This is hot wife Angie. Hot wife Angie a.k.a. Angie XXX is a Canadian wife from Montreal, Canada and has been a swinger since she was 18-years old. Hot wife Angie her measurements are 34D-26-34, and she’s 5′7″ and she has blue/green eyes and her natural hair colour is brunette but most of the times she’s blonde. Hot wife Angie was married for two years to a guy who had no issues with her swinging on and off the net but he never really jumped into anything himself. Since then she’s had a few long term boyfriends with whom she’s continued with her swinging. Hot wife Angie has her regular fuck friends but she’s not committed to any of them.


Hot wife Angie sucks the cock of one of her boytoys

Hot wife Angie did get into the swinging lifestyle when she was 18. Her boyfriend at the time took her to a swinger club and hot wife Angie really enjoyed the idea of multiple partners. French girls are a lot more open minded when it comes to sex. Since then hot wife Angie haven’t gone to many clubs to swap partners as she usually swings with couples that she knows or meet through others. Hot wife Angie likes the swinging lifestyle because for her it is very exciting to have new partners all the time.  And hot wife Angie loves to being taken by two guys at once as being double penetrated is probably her favourite thing to do.

And hot wife Angie is a very submissive person and having multiple guys take control of her and make her their fuck puppet is really exciting for her. And… hot wife Angie is into kinky sex as she loves being bind folded or tied up and she was lead around by a leash on her hands and knees in from of a group of people at a swinger party and then hot wife Angie was blindfolded and whipped.


Hot wife Angie fucks the cock of a dude

Hot wife Angie loves to wear sexy clothes to show off her tits as her ex husband worked hard for the money to buy them! And hot wife Angie seems to find guys who want to share her with their friends. Her husband used to like watching her getting fucked by other guys and taking pictures for her website.  And now guys that she meets know what kind of girl she really is and they know that if they have friends she wants to have sex with them!


Hot wife Angie fucking a dude with her tits hanging out

And on the pictures in this first post of hot wife Angie you can watch her having sex with a lucky dude!

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Meet hot wife Anna Miller


Hot wife Anna Miller shows off in a bikini near the pool

Today we’ll meet hot wife Anna Miller. Hot wife Anne Miller and her husband Bruce has her own swingers website since more than 10 years. Hot wife Anna Miller was raised in Kansas, U.S.A. and now live just outside of Kansas City. Green eyed hot wife Anne Miller is 5′7″ and her measurements are 36D-26-36 and her hair colour goes between a sandy blonde during the summer and a light colored brunette during the winter.


Hot wife Anna Miller reveals her pink pussy

Hot wife Anna Miller met her husband Bruce when she was in college, he was working as a maintenance man for the apartments she lived in.  Hot wife Anne Miller got into the hotwife and swinging lifestyle since 1996 when they were dating. One day after having sex they were laying around talking about their past lovers. Hot wife Anna mentioned that her ex-boyfriend wanted to have a threesome where hot wife Anna would be with two guys, but when it happened her ex-boyfriend got jealous and she didn’t get to play with them both. When Bruce heard this story he was almost in shock. He didn’t realize that stuff like that actually happened. He just thought it was all made up in magazines. It only took Bruce a few weeks and he had lined up their first threesome. After that they were hooked and they went to a few swing clubs.


Hot wife Anna Miller and three of her girl friends sucking the cock of a lucky dude

What hot wife Anna Miller likes most about being a hotwife is the fact that she now has the sexual freedom to do what she want whenever she wants it! Hot wife Ana Miller can talk openly with her husband and friends about what she likes sexually, who she likes as partners, how she likes to have sex, etc.

Hot wife Anna Miller has had sex with over 100 different men since she started in the hot wife lifestyle!


Hot wife Anna Miller sucks cock while her tits are hanging out

Watch hot wife Anna Miller showing off in on a warm summer evening by the pool and hot wife Anna and three of her girl friends sucking off a lucky dude’s cock!

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